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22 Oct 2021 – Integration with Microsoft Planner

To facilitate the implementation of a VisPlan plan, you can now create and synchronize with Microsoft Planner.
You will find the function under the hamburger menu at the top left, select Microsoft Planner.
You must grant a security consent that VisPlan may read and write to your Microsoft Planner environment on your behalf.
The first time you go through a wizard to select which Capability Line(s) you want to create Planner plans for and which Ambitions to include.

At present, only the option to generate Microsoft Planner Plans based on Capability lines is supported.
The objects in VisPlan correspond to the naming in Microsoft Planner as follows:

VisPlan Microsoft Planner
Each Capability Line Planner Plan
Every Ambition Bucket
Each Action Task
N / A Checklist
Focus Action Label


Actions in VisPlan inherit % Complete from Microsoft Planner.

In VisPlan, % complete is specified as an integer, but in Microsoft Planner there is no such field. Instead Planner uses a Status (Not Started = 0%, Ongoing = 50%, Completed = 100%). To improve this, we have chosen to make it possible to calculate the status from the optional checklist of each Microsoft Planner task.

If the task has the status Not started or In Progress, % complete then calculated for the Task’s checklist as a proportion of completed checklist objects- E.g., 3 out of 5 checklist items done corresponds to 60%.
If the Task has the status Completed % Complete it is always 100% Complete regardless of number of completed Checklist items.


The principle is that VisPlan is superior to the Planner plans.
Actions that are created, renamed or deleted in either VisPlan or Planner are automatically synchronized immediately when refreshed.

Changes to the name of Buckets or Planner Plan’s title triggers a notification in VisPlan and you can then choose to restore the object from VisPlan, accept the change from Planner or break the link for the object.

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