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12 Jan 2023 – DevOps Custom Work Item Types and Budget Key Result/KPI

Microsoft Azure DevOps – Custom Work Item Types

We now support custom work item types from DevOps to be added as Actions or linked to any object as a Progress Link in VisPlan.

Configure DevOps integration

To set up the connection to your DevOps server

  1. Click on Menu in the upper left corner, select Microsoft DevOps – Run Configuration Wizard. Enter your Microsoft DevOps server URL.
  2. Select work item types from your DevOps Processes to include in the integration.

Add DevOps Action

To add an Action based on a DevOps work item, in the sidebar for an Ambition

  1. Click the drop down arrow, select Add Microsoft DevOps Action….
  2. Select Project and search for the work item in DevOps you want to add.
  3. Select item and then click Create. The icon for the work item type will be added too.

Budget Key Result/KPI

There is a new Key Result/KPI type called Budget. Specify your Budget Targets as totals for the whole or each period (e.g. 100). When reporting Actual values for the KR/KPI, enter the accumulated spent value (e.g. 10). If the actual value is below the target value (100), it is treated as under budget and shown as a Green indicator (e.g. 90). If the actual value (e.g. 110) is above the target (100), it’s shown as a red indicator. Budget KPIs are optionally shown in the plan as a Green or Red $ indicator.

The Progress Bar for Budget is not split by Focus and will state Remaining budget on the bar itself.

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