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11 Apr 2022 – DevOps, Checklist view and Manual reload inherited data

Microsoft DevOps

Create new Actions in VisPlan and connect them with existing work items in Microsoft DevOps. The VisPlan Action’s progress will be calculated by the DevOps work item’s status. Progress can also be calculated based on each work item’s child items. The child items will also be displayed in VisPlan’s sidebar as a checklist view. To get started, click the menu icon in the upper left, select Microsoft DevOps – Run Configuration Wizard.

Checklist view

Actions that are linked to tasks in Microsoft Planner (Microsoft DevOps) which have checklist items are now also displayed directly in the sidebar. This is a view only. Checklist editing is managed in Microsoft Planner (Microsoft DevOps).

Manual synchronization with sub systems

VisPlan can synchronize data with other systems such as Microsoft Planner, Microsoft Project, and Microsoft DevOps. To make VisPlan load faster, synchronization with sub systems is now triggered on demand. Simply click the Update icon in the upper right part of VisPlan’s toolbar. Plans without such connections are not affected and will continue to automatically be refreshed on every view.

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