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30 October 2023 – Improved alignment of Capability lines and bug fixes

Improved Features

  • Improved the edit mode to facilitate horizontal distribution of capability lines, precise left alignment and refined right alignment.
  • Implemented an option in Key Results and KPIs to invert signals when staying below a target line for measuring various metrics such as inventory levels, resource consumption, and project costs.

Bug Fixes

List View

  • Resolved an issue where the assignee filter was not functioning accurately.
  • Filters are now automatically kept per plan for each user.

Planner Sync

  • Option to exclude VisPlan Focus labels in Planner. This allows for the independent use of labels in Planner without any connection to VisPlan Focuses. More info in this article
  • Rectified the occurrence of additional line breaks in the description field.
  • Adjusted the request rate to 5 requests per second to optimize the Graph API’s performance.
  • Streamlined batch requests for a more efficient syncing experience.

Matrix View

  • Addressed the problem where setting KPI to an Action was not reflecting correctly.

Gantt View

  • Fixed the issue where the Today line was not visible when Group by Focus was selected.

OKR View

  • Enhanced the handling of longer names for objectives, key results, and actions within the display box.
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