March 3, 2023 – Matrix Improvements, Assignee on Ambitions, Custom Thresholds, and Generate Gantt PDF

Matrix Improvements This update introduces several improvements to the Matrix view: Assignee on Ambitions You can now optionally show the Ambition’s assignee’s photo directly on the Ambition object in the plan. Custom Thresholds for Progress Indicators You can now customize … Read More

10 February 2023 – Faster Syncing with Microsoft Planner and Azure DevOps

In this release of VisPlan, we have made significant improvements in terms of speed and performance when synchronizing with Microsoft Planner and Azure DevOps. … Read More

12 Jan 2023 – DevOps Custom Work Item Types and Budget Key Result/KPI

We now support custom work item types from DevOps to be added as Actions or linked to any object as a Progress Link in VisPlan.. A new Key Result/KPI type called Budget has been added. … Read More

5 Dec 2022 – Maintenance Release

This is a maintenance release with improvements to a number of minor issues.

22 Nov 2022 – Resize Drawing Area and Group Actions by Focus

Resize Drawing Area In Edit Mode, there is a new button on the toolbar that enables you to enter Resize Mode and easily resize the drawing area. When you are happy with the size, exit the Resize Mode. If the … Read More

8 Nov2022 – Assignees on objects and associate Focus with Key Result

Assignees on objects In earlier version of VisPlan only Actions had an assignee, now Objectives, Capabilities, Ambitions, Focuses, Key Results and KPIs can have an Assignee/Owner. It enables you to delegate and view the responsibility for each object and see … Read More

28 Oct 2022 – Add Backgrounds and Move KPIs

Add Backgrounds In Edit Mode there is a new toolbar button – Background. You can now easily add a background color and/or use an image as background. Move KPI To move a KPI from one Ambition to another, simply click … Read More

22 Sep 2022 – Updated New Plan Wizard with Sample Plan and Text object

Updated New Plan Wizard with Sample Plan The New Plan Wizard has an updated look. You can choose between starting from scratch, a pre-populated structure or get inspired by opening a prefilled sample plan called WindyPower. Text Object We have … Read More

8 September 2022 – List View and Create New Plan Wizard

List View A new list view has been added. You will now be able to view all Actions in the plan grouped by Capability and Ambition. It is possible to edit the Actions directly in this view. Each Action has … Read More

5 Jul 2022 – User interface and framework upgrades

This release focus on a few improvements to the user interface and several framework upgrades. Progress Data Link Icons Progress data links now feature an icon corresponding to the source type. If you are using links to inherit progress data … Read More