Progress Calculations

Track your progress effectively with VisPlan’s Traffic Light indicator. This article delves into the calculations behind the indicator, providing examples and explaining the threshold for each color. Learn how VisPlan helps you measure progress of Actions, Ambitions, and Capabilities and make informed decisions based on the data. … Read More

7 Jun 2022 – Navigate to linked plan

VisPlan makes it easy to inherit progress data for Capablities, Ambitions and Actions between plans. E.g. from an Ambition in a child plan, to an Action in a parent plan. The new improved function enables you to navigate directly to … Read More

27 May 2022 – OKRs, Focus improvement, Progress indicators and more

OKRs With a modern, visual, OKR and planning solution we bridge the gap between strategy and execution. Key Results on Strategic Objectives On Strategic Objectives you can add one or more Key Results that can have different target values for … Read More

22 Oct 2021 – Integration with Microsoft Planner

To facilitate the implementation of a VisPlan plan, you can now create and synchronize with Microsoft Planner. … Read More