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22 Nov 2022 – Resize Drawing Area and Group Actions by Focus

Resize Drawing Area

In Edit Mode, there is a new button on the toolbar that enables you to enter Resize Mode and easily resize the drawing area.
When you are happy with the size, exit the Resize Mode.
If the plan is resized horizontally, the Capability lines are automatically made longer too.
This makes it much easier to create bigger plans that can hold more Ambitions.

You can now use sharable links to the objects in the plan. Share it with a member in a chat, e-mail, etc. The link will open the shared object directly in the plan.
In an object’s sidebar, click and select Share….

Note! This will not delegate access to the plan, the recipient must already be a member or later invited to the team to use the link.

Group Actions by Focus

In the Ambition Sidebar, all Actions are now grouped by the Focus to which they are assigned.
When the Action is completed, it will be grouped under Completed.
Actions not assigned to a Focus are grouped under Actions not assigned to a Focus

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