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Add VisPlan’s Plan Overview as a personal app

With VisPlan’s personal app, you can seamlessly view and create plan hierarchies, gaining invaluable insights into the organization and structure of your projects.

The plan hierarchy offers a clear and intuitive visual representation of the relationships between your plans, enhancing your planning experience. How to use the view is described in this article. [LINK]

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the straightforward process of adding VisPlan’s personal app to your Teams sidebar. Once pinned, the app remains easily accessible, allowing you to dive into your plan hierarchies whenever you need them.

Add VisPlan as a personal app

Go to Apps on the left of Teams, then search or browse for VisPlan.

Click the card for VisPlan

In the card, click the down arrow and select Add for me

Access or pin a personal app

Add Personal App - Add for me - VisPlan

An alternative way to add the personal app is to go to the left side of Teams, select More added apps  More options button(1) to see any app you’ve added that offers a personal view.

Find and click VisPlan (2).

The app is now added to the left side, but it will only stay there temporarily. You need to Pin it.

Right click the app icon to Pin it for easy access and so it stays in Teams until you unpin it.

Now you have the VisPlan app conveniently pinned to your Teams sidebar, ensuring that you can effortlessly access the Plan Hierarchy view whenever you need it.

Additional information about Adding personal apps

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