Visual Plans for Better Business Outcomes

Collaborate online to Create, Communicate and Execute End-to-End plans, guided by built-in Method

Available for Teams on Microsoft AppSource

Engage your team in collaborating online

Create, communicate and execute strategic and program management plans in a visual format with aligned actions. Engage your team in collaborating online to achieve understanding, buy-in and better outcomes.

Consolidate work from siloed apps and digital tools, visualize into comprehensive plans providing structured overview, guided by built-in method.

Collaborate and Engage Online

Collaborate inside Microsoft Teams with real time updates from multiple users. Leverage visually intuitive interface and uniform work process to encourage engagement and buy-in that generate demonstrated better outcomes from proven built in method. Manage access and participation using standard Teams functions.

Create Plans

Logical guided process to document existing or formulate new plans where plan objectives are aligned with overall organization goals. Capability driven initiatives are defined and validated against plan objectives and the visual overview highlights where plan requires attention. Opportunities and overall plan impact is evaluated prior to broader communication and execution.


Manage plan complexity in a logical graphical overview. Enable communication across organization boundaries. Allow viewers individual mouse-overs for deeper understanding. Plan displayed is always current version


Orchestrate implementation of the overall plan. Assign responsibilities for execution and reporting. Monitor status indicators to track progress and plan effectiveness. Link and connect with mission-specific systems such as Microsoft Project, Microsoft Planner, Microsoft DevOps, etc. Understand how events impact the plan and make necessary plan updates. Run effective management meetings and remain in control.


Gantt chart shows how actions perform over time with its progress and fulfillment. The Gantt chart allows several different ways to group and consolidate the underlying Actions. Grouping of the actions can be done per Capability, Focus, assignee and on the Strategic Objectives the Action contributes to.



"Our visual strategic plans are effective tools that have enabled us to put our company and business units on a growth path with cultural change embraced."
Stefan Gustafsson
Senior Vice President Strategy & Sustainable Business - Swedish Space Corporation
"To enter our strategy into the visual plan helped us formulate a clear desired position, identify essential capabilities, and define common strategic goals. As we now implement the strategy it is very powerful to track the degree of completion of different activities and immediately see if any is encountering issues."
Johan Strömqvist
CEO - Single Technologies
"Guided by the VisPlan product and methodology, our team came together and unified around a coherent business plan that we have communicated to all our stakeholders and are now executing"
Andrea Kösa
CEO - Stamford
“The Visual impact makes it easy to bring people onboard and become productive in plan development and execution.”
Isis Amer Wåhlin
CEO - 2Heal