VisPlan to Microsoft Planner integration

How to synchronize VisPlan with Microsoft Planner If you’re using VisPlan to manage your projects and actions, you can easily sync it with multiple Microsoft Planner plans to streamline your workflow. Here’s how you can set up and keep the … Read More

10 February 2023 – Faster Syncing with Microsoft Planner and Azure DevOps

In this release of VisPlan, we have made significant improvements in terms of speed and performance when synchronizing with Microsoft Planner and Azure DevOps. … Read More

11 Apr 2022 – DevOps, Checklist view and Manual reload inherited data

Microsoft DevOps Create new Actions in VisPlan and connect them with existing work items in Microsoft DevOps. The VisPlan Action’s progress will be calculated by the DevOps work item’s status. Progress can also be calculated based on each work item’s … Read More

22 Oct 2021 – Integration with Microsoft Planner

To facilitate the implementation of a VisPlan plan, you can now create and synchronize with Microsoft Planner. … Read More