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2 October 2023 – New Feature: OKR View

In this latest release of VisPlan, we are excited to introduce the OKR View – a powerful addition to our visualization suite. The OKR View provides users with a dynamic org chart-style representation of their Objectives (O) and their corresponding Key Results (KRs), as well as the associated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Actions.

OKR View - Objectives and Key Results hierarchical layout

Gain Comprehensive Insights

With the OKR View, users can now gain a comprehensive understanding of the structural relationships and interconnectivity between their Objectives and the Actions needed to achieve them. This visual representation offers a clear and intuitive overview of what needs to be accomplished and how it ties into your broader strategy.

Complementing Your Workflow

The OKR View complements our existing Matrix view and fills in the gaps that may not be immediately apparent in the main Plan view. It adds depth to your planning process, enabling you to make more substantiated decisions and streamline your workflow.

We are confident that the OKR View will enhance your planning and strategy execution experience within VisPlan.

Try it out and unlock new insights into your objectives and key results.

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