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VisPlan to Microsoft Planner integration

How to synchronize VisPlan with Microsoft Planner

If you’re using VisPlan to manage your projects and actions, you can easily sync it with multiple Microsoft Planner plans to streamline your workflow.

Here’s how you can set up and keep the objects in sync between VisPlan and Planner:

1. Start the Configuration Wizard

In VisPlan, navigate to the hamburger menu located at the top left corner of your screen.

Select Microsoft Planner – Run Configuration Wizard

VisPlan to Planner - Run configuration wizard

If this is your first time using the VisPlan – Planner sync you might have to approve an additional security consent that VisPlan may write and read to Microsoft Planner on behalf of you.

2. Select Method

Currently we only support VisPlan Capability -> Microsoft Planner Plan
Click Next

Plan Configuration Wizard

3. Select Capability Lines

In the wizard: select the Capability Lines that you want to sync with Microsoft Planner plans.

Select Capability Lines to initiate the creation of Planner plans, which will subsequently be synchronized with VisPlan.
Option – Use VisPlan Focuses as Planner labels

By default, this feature is turned off, allowing you to freely utilize labels in Planner and the label will not be synched back to VisPlan. If you prefer to label each Task in Planner with its corresponding Focus i VisPlan, simply enable this option.

4. Create Planner Plans

VisPlan will create a separate Microsoft Planner plan for each selected Capability Line.

Each selected Capability Line in VisPlan will become a separate plan in Microsoft Planner, and each Ambition on the Capability line (can optionally be deselected) will become a Bucket in Microsoft Planner.
Each Action in the selected Ambitions in VisPlan will become a Task in Microsoft Planner.

VisPlan – Microsoft Planner Objects

VisPlan correspond to the naming in Microsoft Planner as follows:

VisPlanMicrosoft Planner
Each Capability Line (selected)A Plan
Every AmbitionA Bucket
Each ActionA Task
N / AChecklist items
FocusA label for the Task (Optional)

When the wizard is complete you will be transferred to Planner, where you can find your newly created Planner Plans.

Microsoft Planner Plans made by VisPlan

Calculate Status

In VisPlan, % Complete is specified in integers, while in Microsoft Planner, it is represented by a Status (Not Started = 0%, Ongoing = 50%, Completed = 100%).
Actions in VisPlan inherit the % Complete from Microsoft Planner.

To calculate the status of Tasks with checklist items in Planner, VisPlan % Complete is calculated as a proportion of the completed checklist objects.

If the task in Planner has the status Not started or Ongoing, the % complete in VisPlan will be calculated as the proportion of completed checklist objects.

For the status Completed in Planner, the % Complete in VisPlan will always be 100%, regardless of how many checklist items are done/not done in Planner.


VisPlan is the master data source and is superior to Microsoft Planner plans. Any changes made to the Actions in VisPlan or Tasks in Microsoft Planner will be automatically synchronized when refreshed.

Click the Reload VisPlan Data icon to refresh.

Reload VisPlan data

If you change the name of a Bucket in Planner (changes the name of the Ambition in VisPlan ) or Planner Plan’s title (changes the name of the Capability in VisPlan) , you will receive a notification in VisPlan.

You can then choose to restore the object from VisPlan, accept the change from Planner, or select the item to make other changes.

Notification bar, bucket renamed in Planner.

With these simple steps, you can easily sync your VisPlan plan with multiple Microsoft Planner plans and keep the object names consistent between the two tools.

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