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14 February 2024 – Exciting Updates: Introducing the E-bike Sample Plan, Improved OKR Structure, and Focus Dates

Explore the E-bike Rolling Operational Sample Plan and New Introduction Video

Discover our latest addition: the E-bike rolling operational sample plan! Designed to showcase VisPlan’s practical application in operational settings, this plan features comprehensive use of VisPlan’s features, including OKRs and Business Sprint Focuses.

E-Bike rolling operational sample plan

Plus, don’t miss the new introduction video, now available in the Advisories Introduction chapter.

VisPlan – Rolling Operational Plans video

Enhanced OKR Structure for Better Organization

We’re thrilled to introduce a new and improved OKR structure! With the ability to create two levels of Key Results under each Objective, organizing your plan has never been easier. The OKR view provides a clear hierarchy, and the Matrix is now updated to reflect this improved structure.

E-Bike OKR-structure with contributing Actions

Streamlined Focus Dates for Agile Planning

Effortlessly manage your Focus dates with our latest enhancement! Actions now automatically inherit dates from their associated Focus when created, simplifying your planning process. You can also customize individual Action dates by unchecking the “Use Focus Dates” option.

The List view allows batch editing of Actions to enable or disable “Use Focus Dates.”

Set multiple Actions to “Use Focus Dates” in the List view

Exciting Progress Updates

Ambition and Action Progress Bars: Stay on track with the new progress bar for each Ambition and Action, offering a clear visualization of progress. Keep an eye on the small triangle atop the bar for today’s expected progress.

New Progress bars

Grey Progress Icon: Introducing a neutral Grey icon to indicate Action that are not completely specified and thus is lacking the expected progress needed to calculate and indicate the difference between current and expected progress.

Action that has missing dates and cannot have an expected status gets a grey progress icon

Actions Start and Due Date requirement: Actions lacking ALL progress field values are now conveniently ignored in calculations. Ensure full accuracy by filling in both Start Date and Due Date for each Action.

Ambition Sidebar Grouping: Enjoy enhanced organization with the Sidebar’s new grouping options! Choose from By Focus, Key Result, or Assignee groupings to tailor the Sidebar to your needs and easily find Actions.

Default Template Colors: Experience a fresh look with the new darker blue color scheme and subtle shadow enhancements in the blank 1×1 and 5×4 default templates. Existing plans are automatically updated for a seamless transition.

The Default 5×4 plan template with 5 Capability lines with 4 Ambitions on each

We’re excited for you to explore these latest updates and enhancements.

Happy planning!

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