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30 April 2024 – Visual Filter

In this release, we’re excited to unveil a powerful new feature: the Visual Filter.

This tool revolutionizes the way you utilize the visual plan, enabling clear communication and focused attention on crucial aspects.

The Visual Filter empowers you to filter on underlying data that may not be directly visible in the visual plan view, such as Key Results, Focus, and Action Assignees. Moreover, you have the flexibility to filter based on specific Capabilities, allowing you to showcase them individually or in any desired combination in a group presentation.

One key aspect of the Visual Filter is its personalization. Your filtered view is unique to you; any adjustments you make remain private and are not visible to other viewers. This ensures that you can tailor your visual plan experience according to your preferences and needs without affecting the views of others.

You have control over the strength of the visual effect with the ability to adjust transparency settings in the Plan settings. This customization option enables you to optimize your visual plan display for clarity and impact, taking into account variations in chosen colors for objects and any background elements.

Experience the enhanced clarity and focus of your visual plan with the Visual Filter feature, now available in this latest release.

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