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5 Jul 2022 – User interface and framework upgrades

This release focus on a few improvements to the user interface and several framework upgrades.

Progress data links now feature an icon corresponding to the source type.
If you are using links to inherit progress data from sources such as VisPlan or Microsoft Planner (Microsoft DevOps* and Microsoft Project*), the link icon will show each source app’s icon in the sidebar.
If an Ambition is linked, the Ambition object in the visual plan will also have an icon. You can choose to have the Ambition icon on/off in the Menu – Plan view settings.

The Plan header can now hold a URL, this is specifically useful when using Master – Sub plans to enable navigation from a sub plan to the top plan.
To get a link to a plan, navigate to the plan you want to navigate to (Master plan).
Click the Header, choose “…” – Navigation Link – Get Plan Teams Link… and Copy the URL.
Now go to where you want to add this link (Sub-plan), click the Plan header, choose “…” – Navigation Link – Edit Navigation Link. Paste the link copied in the previous step.

Gantt Filter

The Gantt view now has a text filter to enable you to better focus on what you want to see.

* Microsoft DevOps and Microsoft Project integration is only available in VisPlan enterprise version.

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