Matrix View

The Matrix view has three different sub-views: Actions, KPI, and Focus. Actions In the Actions sub-view, Actions are grouped by their hierarchy Capability and Ambition, and the Strategic Objectives and their corresponding Key Results are put horizontally at the top. … Read More

12 Jan 2023 – DevOps Custom Work Item Types and Budget Key Result/KPI

We now support custom work item types from DevOps to be added as Actions or linked to any object as a Progress Link in VisPlan.. A new Key Result/KPI type called Budget has been added. … Read More

28 Oct 2022 – Add Backgrounds and Move KPIs

Add Backgrounds In Edit Mode there is a new toolbar button – Background. You can now easily add a background color and/or use an image as background. Move KPI To move a KPI from one Ambition to another, simply click … Read More