Using the Matrix View

Our Matrix view offers a powerful tool to bring clarity and cohesion to your strategic planning process. With its visual representation and hierarchical structure, the Matrix allows you to see the connections between Actions, KPIs, Strategic Objectives, and Key Results at a glance. … Read More

12 Jan 2023 – DevOps Custom Work Item Types and Budget Key Result/KPI

We now support custom work item types from DevOps to be added as Actions or linked to any object as a Progress Link in VisPlan.. A new Key Result/KPI type called Budget has been added. … Read More

28 Oct 2022 – Add Backgrounds and Move KPIs

Add Backgrounds In Edit Mode there is a new toolbar button – Background. You can now easily add a background color and/or use an image as background. Move KPI To move a KPI from one Ambition to another, simply click … Read More