How to use Excel for OKRs

In this comprehensive tutorial, dive into the world of VisPlan and learn how to optimize your OKR (Objectives and Key Results) management using the Excel Connector feature. Whether you’re a project manager, team leader, or data analyst, mastering the VisPlan … Read More

How to use the OKR View

Discover the benefits of VisPlan’s OKR View, a dynamic visualization feature designed to transform your strategic planning. … Read More

2 October 2023 – New Feature: OKR View

In our latest release, VisPlan introduces the OKR View—a dynamic org chart-style representation of Objectives (O), Key Results (KRs), associated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and Actions. This powerful addition enhances your visualization experience. … Read More

12 Jan 2023 – DevOps Custom Work Item Types and Budget Key Result/KPI

We now support custom work item types from DevOps to be added as Actions or linked to any object as a Progress Link in VisPlan.. A new Key Result/KPI type called Budget has been added. … Read More

8 Nov2022 – Assignees on objects and associate Focus with Key Result

Assignees on objects In earlier version of VisPlan only Actions had an assignee, now Objectives, Capabilities, Ambitions, Focuses, Key Results and KPIs can have an Assignee/Owner. It enables you to delegate and view the responsibility for each object and see … Read More

27 May 2022 – OKRs, Focus improvement, Progress indicators and more

OKRs With a modern, visual, OKR and planning solution we bridge the gap between strategy and execution. Key Results on Strategic Objectives On Strategic Objectives you can add one or more Key Results that can have different target values for … Read More