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Managing and Allowing the VisPlan App in the Microsoft Teams Admin Center

In Microsoft Teams, the default org-wide global setting permits all apps, including those published by Microsoft, third-party vendors, and your own organization. However, for specific deployments like Microsoft 365 Government – GCC, GCCH, and DoD, third-party apps are blocked by default.

Enabling VisPlan Specifically When Third-Party Aps Are Restricted

If your organization restricts third-party apps but you need to allow VisPlan, follow this guide:
Go to the Microsoft Teams admin center. https://admin.teams.microsoft.com/
If you’re not a Microsoft 365 Tenant admin, reach out to your IT administrator.

  • In the admin center, proceed to Teams Apps and select Manage Apps (1).
  • Enter ‘VisPlan’ (2) in the search bar and select it from the results (3).
  • If VisPlan is set to ‘Blocked’, click Allow (4).
    Teams Admin Center
    Teams Admin Center

    Confirm Your Action: In the confirmation popup, verify by clicking Allow again.

    Allow Teams App

    More information

    For additional information on managing, blocking, and allowing apps in Microsoft Teams, refer to the official guide: Manage your apps in the Microsoft Teams admin center – Microsoft Teams on Microsoft Learn.

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