SMART Criteria for Effective Strategic Planning

Utilizing the SMART Criteria with VisPlan: Streamlining Visual Strategic Planning

Effective strategic planning is the foundation of organizational success. It involves setting clear objectives, defining actionable strategies, and aligning efforts towards a common vision. … Read More

Laptop with VisPlan

Boost Your Strategy: How Graphical Strategic Planning Can Help Achieve Success

Visual strategic plans are a powerful tool for organizations to map out their goals and objectives, as well as the strategies and tactics needed to achieve them. Using simple graphics, charts, and diagrams to represent complex information, visual strategic plans can help organizations to boost their strategies, achieve success, and stay competitive in today’s fast-paced business environment. … Read More

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Make sure your business is transparent and visually aligned

The hybrid workplace is here to stay and even becoming the preferred way of operation. How do you make sure customer- and shareholder value is realized from those efforts? Make sure your business is transparent and visually aligned. … Read More

Working with Capabilities and Ambitions

Working with Capabilities and Ambitions

How to work with Capabilities and Ambitions and how to improve the Capabilities and Ambitions through iterations. … Read More

VisPlan List View

New List view

In our latest release of VisPlan we have included a new view to list all the Actions in the plan. … Read More

The VisPlan Method

The VisPlan method is structured into consulting advisories guiding you to create successful plans. … Read More

HBR: Roger Martin - A Plan Is Not a Strategy

Roger Martin: A Plan Is Not a Strategy

In a recent viral video Prof. Roger Martin claims that a plan is not a strategy, rightfully so, but a strategy needs to be executed! … Read More

Present your strategy on one page

Are you tired of seeing presentations overloaded with text and struggling to remember the key points? … Read More