Make sure your business is transparent and visually aligned

VisPlan Teams Meeting
The hybrid workplace is here to stay and even becoming the preferred way of operation. How do you make sure customer- and shareholder value is realized from those efforts? Make sure your business is transparent and visually aligned.

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We communicate and work in Teams, Zoom and Slack – share screens within all types of modern digital meeting rooms. One implication of this is that it is getting harder and harder to get your arms around the organization with the spread of functions and people outside the traditional office workspace.  

Just recall the recent headline from Elon Musk, about his frustration that he cannot control all his workforce and demand them to show up in office.  

We need to align all business disciplines in a digital way to coordinate work across the organization. What if you can represent your organization by functions, lines of business and its capabilities with the what’s and the how’s the workforce is conducting their daily operations on a one-page visual representation? 

sub plan hierarchy
Each line in the Master Plan has its own Sub Plan

VisPlan visualizes your organization in its context whether it is a corporation with divisions, business areas or programs aligned with the content of the What’s and How’s.

VisPlan has a visual graphical representation that is not unique but rather a representation that most of us recognize and can relate to. What is unique though, is that the same structure has a built-in method that is generic and guides you in any type of business, gov. agency, personal plan, or industry to match your objectives and initiatives.

You can map and align your organization from the top or from the bottom and build your way up or even map completely independent “islands” just to connect them all to a fully aligned master plan with linked sub-plans.

The key thing here is the horizontal lines! Each line can be identified as a line of business, company function or at best as a business capability. And the boxes on the lines hold the collective Ambition Initiatives that contain related Actions for the execution of all the linked plans.

Please review the corporate Big Bank example and its separate business areas and how it breaks down below. Each line is assigned as a function or a division, but all connected with a logical sub-plan breakdown that allows information to trickle down and at the same time aggregate data upwards.

Master Plan to Sub Plan
The Capability Line Retail Banking has a Subplan. The Ambitions (boxes) become the Capability Lines in the Retail Bank Sub Plan

Don’t hesitate to let us assist you in mapping out and visualizing your digital organization structure in VisPlan. 

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