How to use the Hierarchy View

Discover VisPlan’s Hierarchy View feature in this helpful tutorial.
Learn how to efficiently manage your plans, create hierarchies, and improve collaboration.
Explore card view options and find out how to enhance your planning workflow. Watch now to make the most of VisPlan! … Read More

How to Use Attachments in VisPlan

Attachments in VisPlan offer a seamless way to integrate crucial documents and web links to the objects within your plan. This guide provides straightforward instructions on how to attach, open, and remove attachments. … Read More

21 August 2023 – Hierarchy View Feature

In this latest version, we’re excited to unveil the Hierarchy View feature, designed to transform your planning experience. Accessible through the Personal app in Teams, this new view can be pinned to the left sidebar, allowing you to effortlessly create … Read More

Add VisPlan’s Plan Overview as a personal app

With VisPlan’s personal app, you can seamlessly view and create plan hierarchies, gaining invaluable insights into the organization and structure of your projects. The plan hierarchy offers a clear and intuitive visual representation of the relationships between your plans, enhancing … Read More

Using the Matrix View

Our Matrix view offers a powerful tool to bring clarity and cohesion to your strategic planning process. With its visual representation and hierarchical structure, the Matrix allows you to see the connections between Actions, KPIs, Strategic Objectives, and Key Results … Read More

Working with Capabilities and Ambitions

Our How to work with Capabilities and Ambitions guide will help you to get a better insight in how to define and improve your capabilities and ambitions in an existing plan. Explore how to identify capabilities, set ambitions, and measure … Read More

How to give VisPlan a review on Microsoft AppSource

Step-by-Step Instructions: How to Leave a Review for VisPlan on Microsoft AppSource Step 1: Open Your Web BrowserLaunch your preferred web browser and go to VisPlan on Microsoft AppSource Step 2: Log In to Your Microsoft AccountMake sure you … Read More

6 April 2023 – Matrix Upgrade, Sidebar Focus Grouping, and Organization Templates

Matrix Upgrade We have upgraded the Matrix by migrating the existing Matrix data from three sub-views into a single view. This enables users to easily visualize the relationships between KPIs and Actions against Strategic Objectives and Key Results. Users can … Read More

VisPlan to Microsoft Planner integration

How to synchronize VisPlan with Microsoft Planner If you’re using VisPlan to manage your projects and actions, you can easily sync it with multiple Microsoft Planner plans to streamline your workflow. Here’s how you can set up and keep the … Read More

3 March 2023 – Matrix Improvements, Assignee on Ambitions, Custom Thresholds, and Generate Gantt PDF

Matrix Improvements This update introduces several improvements to the Matrix view: Assignee on Ambitions You can now optionally show the Ambition’s assignee’s photo directly on the Ambition object in the plan. Custom Thresholds for Progress Indicators You can now customize … Read More