Present your strategy on one page

Are you tired of seeing presentations overloaded with text and struggling to remember the key points?

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Visualization is key to creating an aligned mental model for leaders and coworkers, helping them relate to the information and remember it more effectively

While using images can make a presentation more visually appealing, a variety of images can create confusion and misalignment. It’s been found that people remember only a small portion of a wordy presentation, around 10-30%.

Our clients, both large corporations and government agencies, have found success in using a one-page strategy with a visual layout. This not only leads to better outcomes but also saves time in the implementation process. As Bruce Scheer explains in the video, this approach may not have scientific validity but based on our clients experience it has been successful.

Consider simplifying your presentations by using a visual layout that is easy to understand and remember, and see the difference it makes in the effectiveness of your communication.