How to improve your business outcomes by visualizing your game plan

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Making your strategy clear by showing how initiatives on all levels contribute to organizational goals help keeping teams motivated. Workers that know how their individual actions impact the business on a strategic level lead to higher performance. 

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How do you make sure everyone in your company understands your strategy and how to implement it in daily work?  

Having a clear business strategy means nothing if it can´t be implemented throughout your organization. To do that effectively your resources, actions, decisions and investments need to unified and work consistently towards your set goals. You need strategic alignment.   

However, aligning and executing strategy with program- and project management, across multiple departments and regions is easier said than done. Here are some key challenges you need to overcome; 

  • Centralizing objectives across departments and keep everyone on the same page
  • Monitoring that actions and initiatives are clearly connected to overall goals from different systems 

Making your game plan for success known and understood for all your key stakeholders- from management filtered down to every individual  

By visualizing your strategy you make it available and connected to your organization’s daily work. Businesses with strong strategic alignment have higher customer retention, customer satisfaction and leadership effectiveness. 

Real time monitoring of strategic goal and associated KPI fulfillment from management to individuals provides better decision making and simplifies prioritization.  

Fully implementing your strategic game plan into your business takes focus and commitment.
By visualizing your strategic alignment and monitoring every action against this consistent view you provide an accessible facility to make sure that your team fully understands the big picture. 


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