2Heal Medical’s Road-Map Empowers Leaders and Aligns Teams

We were asked to put together a business strategy that could be operationalized with minimum effort. Visplan gave us the tool and method to quickly sketch out our strategy and improved with a few iterations

2Heal Medical

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“The Visual impact makes it easy to bring people onboard and become productive in plan development and execution.”

About 2Heal

2Heal Medical is a privately held company providing a Digi-physical clinic that works with functional medicine methods. 

We use modern science, the very latest research and don’t give up until we find the root cause of the disease.

Why VisPlan

We needed to develop a business plan and doing so in the formal classical format as a 40-page Word, or PowerPoint document was imposing some limitations in today’s modern digital working environment. Sharing a document by e-mailing it to everyone in the leadership team isn’t that effective. The gain of sharing a visual one-pager plan that covers well over the 40 pages made it clear that VisPlan had its advantages in our hybrid workplace as well as in physical meetings.

Visual impact

Without doubt the Visual impact makes it easy to bring people onboard and become productive in plan development and execution.

We discovered many more features with VisPlan that wasn’t obvious and easy to communicate within regular business document methodologies, like how to structure our organization in relation to our goals

2Heal Plan

How to “slice” the organization

The notion of how to “slice” the organization either by functions or capabilities forced us to really think through what we are doing and how. The embedded VisPlan method helped us to improve the plan through several iterations, it was not a simple thing to do so but the VisPlan guiding method was of key importance for moving forward.

Focus on the most important Actions

Among many advantages with VisPlan one nice feature was that it helped us to organize all ongoing Actions. Very quickly we had too many Actions and by selecting and sorting all Actions based on the current “Focus” it helped us to prioritize those Actions with the most impact on the current goals and business focus.